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The REDO upcycling brand was born in Trento in 2014 with the aim of enhancing a sustainable production process. Since then, we have been making fashion accessories and designer furniture components using recycled materials that are given to us by companies, organizations, associations and people who share the idea of circular economy that we try to bring forward. All REDO productions are made in Trentino inside the workshops of Cooperativa A.L.P.I..

Our production process


We try to repurpose any material we find in the area. We specialize in repurposing upholstery fabrics, shoe components, and advertising banners. These are mainly secondary raw materials, production waste, material destined to become pulp, and banners from past events.


We create products by combining and enhancing technical skills, personal stories, special materials, and advanced instrumentation. The design and modeling of each REDO product is the result of this creative whirlwind and collaborations between many professionals in the field.


We use sewing machines, cutters, scissors, threads, ribbons, meters, paper patterns, templates, sliders, borders… to passionately combine these tools, it takes patience, time, expertise, and the mutual understanding that our main goal is to work and make work.


We create each product in Trentino. We take care of everything that comes into the workshop by cutting, sewing and assembling each component so that it comes back to life in new forms and beauty. We make everything by hand and like to think of ourselves as industrial artisans with the right attention to detail that makes all the difference.


We work with waste materials, we do it with skilled hands and creative minds, and this makes each REDO collection unique. To be sure, we number each piece. We finish it with two custom labels, one inside the product and one on the outside.


We guarantee sustainability, durability,  uniqueness, craftsmanship and local production. The materials used and packaging techniques ensure that every REDO product is strong and durable. We put so much passion and care into it, but something could always slip through the cracks and only if it is pointed out to us, can we grow.

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