Respect, Recycle, Reduce

Our production process

REDO Upcycling

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REDO upcycling was born in Trento in 2014 with the aim of enhancing sustainable production. Since then, we create fashion accessories and design furniture using recycled material. All REDO items are made in Trentino in the laboratories of the cooperative A.L.P.I.. Materials are provided by companies, association and people who support our idea of circular economy.

01 Materials

We try to recover any kind of matierial we find locally. We mostly recover tapestry, footwear components and advertising banners. They are mainly second raw materials, waste materials or banners of past events.

02 Design

We create products combining and enhancing technical skills, personal stories, particular materials and advanced technology. Design and modelling of each REDO item is the result of this creative vortex and of the encounter with several professionals of the branch.

03 Equipment

Sewing machines, cutters, scissors, threads, ribbons, measuring tapes, paper patterns, templates, sliders, edges are used on a daily base. To combine this tools as we passionately do you need patience, time, professionalism and the awareness that our main goal is working and creating job opportunities.

04 Production

Every product is made in Trentino, we take care of everything that enters the laboratory by cutting, sewing and assembling every element to make it relive through new shapes. Everything is handmade: we see ourselves as industrial craftsmen with the right attention to details, which actually makes the difference.

05 Unicity

We work waste materials through wise hands and creative minds. This is the reason why REDO is unique and why every item is numbered. There are also two personalised labels on it, one inside the product and one on the outside

06 Warranty

We guarantee sustainibility, durability, uniqueness and locally handmade items. Employed materials and techniques make every single REDO item resistant and durable. We do put a lot of passion and attention, but craftmanship may cause small imperfections. Please, feel free to report them: it is the only way for us to grow.