A few days ago, I saw a bag on your online shop, however it is now sold out. Is it still available and can I order it? Can I find it in other physical stores?

Many of our products are handcrafted creations of repurposing and assembly of materials, and, thus, become UNIQUE PIECES. It is therefore possible to find something similar, but it is not possible to replicate the same product. Our advice is to keep an eye on the online shop or visit your nearest dealer.

On the online shop, I see some products that are the same. Are they made of the same material?

Yes! It is possible that we can recover some large swaths from the same material, and, in these cases, we can get more products out of them.

What is the shipping/receiving time for my order?

We are able to deliver throughout Italy within 2 working days after receiving the order.

Can I buy a product on the online shop and pick it up at the store in South Trento?

Sure! Simply check the option “immediate pickup c/o REDO Store Trento | Via Ragazzi del ’99, 13” when making your purchase. This will save you shipping costs.

Ho segnato sul mio ordine “ritiro immediato c/o REDO Store Trento | Via Ragazzi del ’99, 13”, quando posso passare a ritirarlo?

Il prodotto ordinato è già pronto, dovrà solo essere prelevato dal nostro magazzino, quindi è possibile passare anche IMMEDIATAMENTE dopo aver fatto l’ordine.

I marked “immediate pickup c/o REDO Store Trento | Via Ragazzi del ’99, 13” on my order. When can I pick it up?

The product you ordered is already available, it will just need to be picked up from our warehouse. Therefore, you can also pick it up IMMEDIATELY after placing your order.