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REDO Solutions

We are happy to think together building unique and customized solutions!

01 Customizations

As a company, a public institution or an association you may want a really unique and high-quality gadget.
We can build it together, starting from a personalised label and choosing materials, measures, colours and patterns.

02 Your banner

You may want to give new life to an old plastic banner, a coat or even a sofa. What about tranform it into a REDO product?
We do it and we have done it in the past. Obviously, by deciding with you the way to go through it.

03 Gift ideas

You may want a special gift idea for your team, possibly combined with a REDO item.
We proudly collaborate with certified local partners that create sustainable products as we do.

04 Limited edition

As a shop, you may want to offer something unique. As an artist, you may want to create once-off items.
We propose contests for artists and designers, limited edition collections or your prints and patterns on our bags.

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